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Social Media Assets Bundle

Your social media campaign will set the tone and build momentum for your hands-on event. The goal of the campaign is two-fold: (1) increase lupus awareness in your community, and (2) promote your hands-on event.

Your social media campaign committee should use this social media assets bundle to develop a social media strategy for your organization. We have included suggestions for when and how to post, text, and graphics for posts, and suggestions for ways to your intended audience. But, these are only suggestions – you know more about what will catch the interest of your audience.

We only ask that you:

  • Use scientifically accurate information when talking about lupus. We recommend using information provided in the Lupus fact sheet, or on the Be Fierce. Take Control.™ website ( If you’re unsure of the accuracy – don’t post it!
  • Use the hashtag #BeFierceTakeControl in every post.
Use the links below to download social media assets to promote your activities.

Social Media Assets:

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