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Continuing Activities Assets Bundle

The Playbook activities described previously are only a few of the many the creative ways you and your fellow leaders can promote lupus awareness in your community. Leaders who want to complete additional lupus awareness activities can find additional resources and ideas below:

Guest speaker recruitment
Appendix A. Fund your event
Appendix B. Measuring event’s impact

Plan a larger Be Fierce. Take Control.™ hands-on event
Larger local events with food, beverages, and/or incentives for attendees often require more funding than your organization’s typical event budget. Therefore, you may need to seek additional funding (see Appendix A. Fund your event) to expand your event. You may wish to include multiple organizations in your community. You may also consider contacting speakers such a rheumatologist or person with lupus to come to your event (see Guest speaker recruitment).

Collaborate with other organizations 
Organizations such as health clubs, sororities and fraternities, and others are perfect partnership opportunities. Collaborating with other organizations expands the reach of your event and combines two or more funding sources. Suggested first steps to collaborate with another organization include:

– Approach friends or other community leaders in your social circles.
– Share the Playbook with them and the results from your evaluation of your activities (if available).
– Discuss the importance of lupus awareness and what you’ve learned so far.
– Schedule a meeting with all collaborating organizations’ leadership to discuss the possible partnership for future awareness event.
– Develop a one-page event description and specific talking points to discuss with the organization.
– Email or call points of contact at organizations with whom you’d like to collaborate.
– Share the Playbook with interested collaborators, evaluation results (if available), and event description.
– Schedule a meeting with the collaborating organization’s leadership to discuss the discuss the details of your event, the collaborator’s potential role, and implementation.

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